Myserie City Roleplay

An Urban, Supernatural, Fantasy Roleplay in Second Life.

Today would be just another day...

The sun rises, the birds sing, and you go to work. You used to walk the sidewalks and shop the stores not giving much thought to the people behind the counters or those passing you by, but now you are wondering... if those that are passing you are thinking, perhaps, a bit too closely about you. 


They watch you swimming in the lake and on your morning run through the wooded paths. The howls you hear late at night when the moon is full, and the eyes you feel watching you walk to your car in the dark are them, watching, following... hunting.


Humanity is not alone... and now... they know it.


Myserie is like any other city, nestled among the mountains in North East Oregon. The time is present day Pacific Standard Time (PST/SLT) and time passes as it does in the world it mimics, though the sun rises at 6:00am SLT and sets at 5:00pm SLT. The same President, Country, laws, and general rules apply. Current events are current. News is still news. Use the headlines on your newspapers and magazines to fuel your roleplay. What happens in the Real World, happens in the world of Myserie, except that the creatures of myth and legend, the Werewolf and Vampire, Monster and Fae, and yes, even The Gifted are real, casting spells, and perhaps even living right next door.


They used to live in secret, their existence hidden and well kept by magic and other means, the Governments and Humans none the wiser. To science, being a Shifter was seen under the microscope as nothing more than a mystery disease, similar to HIV. Vampires didn’t exist because a body couldn’t possibly rise back up after death... could it? Fairies and Monsters were no more than stories you told your children in the dark. But now... you wonder. Your neighbor disappears during the full moon and you’ve never been able to get an appointment with your doctor before dusk. 


When they Came Out on the News on March 20, 2020, and transformed in front of the world on camera, the world shuddered.

Some think it was a joke. A giant farce meant to scare and confuse the world before the elections. Others bought out hunting supplies, preppers screamed in victory, toilet paper became a luxury for a while, and some... became attracted to the Supernaturals. All they want to do is live alongside the Humans, in the open, and help them in saving a dying world, or at least ride it all out together.

Do they know what you are?

Would it matter?

“Just because the magic sparkles, doesn't mean it won't kill you in the most beautiful of ways.”

Samson Family Saying

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