The reports are the same, whether it's on TVs, radios, podcasts, or live streams. Newspapers pick the story up quickly, posting reports online well before the printed versions hit doorsteps. No matter where you live or are, the news will reach you quickly, and if not, the Revelations will.

The reporter blinked a few times on the screen, the previous diatribe of so-called news stalled out as the teleprompter in front of them changed the topic suddenly.

“Are you kidding? This is a joke, right? I.... We are cutting in front of the White House for what is said to be a world changing announcement that is being released across the globe. Ed?”

The camera changes to a group of people outside the White House, Parliament, and the location is determined by what station is being viewed and to that nation's capitol. Those that change the channel would see the same thing. As the clock hits the hour mark, one of the group steps forward and starts to give a speech, for some, it is the president or leader of the country, others they may be unknown though well dressed, but the timing is as if the entire thing were planned to the second, which it may have been.

English, French, Japanese, Spanish, the language didn’t matter, the words were all the same and they had the viewers and listeners on the radio captivated, cars pulled over on the highway to listen, others nearly crashed, while most thought the whole thing was a joke. Like H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds back in 1938.

At the White House:

“There has never been more of a time to come together, support one another, and cherish what we have. Our family, friends, and loved ones.”: They pause. Some look nervous, others stoic and proud. “For centuries we have watched as humanity has grown and evolved, some of us did so with you, most of us learned and let you teach us. We watched as you stepped from the grasslands, upright and conscious of who you were. When you started forming villages, towns, and eventually cities, we cheered for your advancement. When the wars had died down, we thought about stepping out, but then another started, and another. We grew worried about your path through history. When the bombs came, we hid even further, fearful of what humanity had become.”

There is another pause as they all look toward the camera, the effect when the channel is changed or seen on multiple TVs is off putting, like something out of a movie. What are they talking about? Humanity? Watching us? Are they aliens?

“We have come to a difficult decision, our Grand Council has declared that the Earth is at the tipping point. Humanity cannot survive alone. You cannot save it alone. We will not and have not intended to harm you, but we cannot help while remaining hidden. Your governments have been more than helpful in aiding us with this situation in the smoothest way possible.

So on this day, we ask that you do not fear us, for we have always been here. Embrace us, treat us like the friends, family, and lovers you have always known. Today we remove our masks and reveal ourselves.”

They all look at the screen again, prompts and speech notes unneeded.

“Today is our Revelation.”

Slowly, one by one each member of the groups that consists of Generals, Presidents, Members of staff, military, and all forms of government shimmer and their forms change. Some simply become more beautiful with pointed ears, others shorten, beards growing, while others turn more bestial, monstrous forms standing or slithering on stage in front of the world as a few in the crowd screams, then it falls silent again. Those watching are now facing an array of Elves, Dwarves, Fae, and even a Shifter or two staring back on screen.

“Tomorrow is up to you.” the elf says, looking back to his compatriots a bit nervously.

News broadcasts all over the globe go at this information like sharks with blood in the water. The announcement is spliced and repeated in part and whole on all channels that can play it. Much like the 9-11 attacks, the coverage is global, swift, and sometimes horribly skewed. Tabloids are screaming how right they were all this time.

The world is chaotic, humans reacting to the news in various ways, some accepting and kind, others deliberate, scared, and cruel. Attacks are not uncommon. From now on, Supernaturals do not have to hide what they are, other than a Fae's Aura, but they know that it is their own choice and at their own peril.

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