Monster Dog!

Not even your trash is safe! After multiple complaints and reports of dogs eating through trash bins and dumpsters being raided, someone has spotted and been attacked by the creature doing it all.

Caryn Derlaine was leaving Java's Coffee Shop on Whitman Street heard strange noises coming from the dumpster there. She claims she went to investigate thinking it was a homeless person that she wanted to help, only to be attacked by some kind of dog-like creature.

"I barely got out with my life! As soon as that thing came at me I tried to run but it got hold of me and started slashing. Would have killed me too if I hadn't screamed so loud. " ~ Caryn Derlaine

Thankfully suffering only minor injuries, Caryn was taken to Myserie Regional Clinic for assessment, held overnight, during which was when she produced the pictures she claims to have taken prior to her attack in an exclusive interview with one of our reporters.

Be warned, the following pictures may be disturbing to some people.

What's next? Piskies raiding our birdfeeders? What is this creature? Is it just a feral dog, or something more? Will any of the Supernaturals step forward to claim responsibility for this thing?

Probably not, but only time will tell how far the police are going to protect the citizens of the city with this thing running around and attacking people. First mummies, then a smoke monster, now... a mutant dog?

Dare I ask what else this year can throw at us?

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