Trick or Treat Myserie City!

The City of Myserie is proud to present this years Halloween Pumpkin Hunt! Sponsored by the Myserie City Community Center.

Hunt Starts: Friday, October 30th @ 4pm SLT.

Hunt Ends: Sunday, November 1st @ Midnight.

(This is an in character Hunt for real, trade-able prizes. See the full rules below. )

You don't need to click the picture.


  1. This is an In Character Citywide Hunt. Stay in character, and you MUST wear your IC group tags to participate.

  2. There will never be any prizes inside Faction bases. Surrounding, but not inside.

  3. There are no prizes inside Underhill, for obvious reasons.

  4. Nothing is so high that a human cannot reach or climb to. Do not fly to find items.

  5. Participating stores may be offering items they created, or more gatcha items. Be respectful when searching their stores for the item.

  6. You only get ONE item from each pumpkin. Items will all be gatcha, transferable, and there will be an OOC trade chat available in the Discord server. Do not trade in OOC chat or other areas, though IC trading within RP is encouraged!

  7. HAVE FUN! This is meant to be a fun experience, if you get stuck, ICly call a friend you know is doing it! IC groups are best. Be wary though... it's also the Full Moon!


  1. This place keeps you on your toes.

  2. Herald his Tears! They foretell the future!

  3. Such a simple, stately tree.

  4. Who doesn't love dogs?

  5. She weeps still for her beloved son.

  6. Watch for Mer!

  7. The food might be greasy but the toilets are clean!

  8. Leaves of gold and orange dapple where I wait for you to click.

  9. She's a junker, but.. yeah, she's not going anywhere.

  10. Are these made of hemp?

  11. Olde Tomes speak volumes!

  12. Need to go somewhere? This is how you do it.

  13. If knowledge is what you seek, then in the Classroom you must peek!

  14. Simba? Is that you?

  15. Even broken it was once a home

  16. Gotta Market those apples fresh off the Farm!

  17. I want popcorn

  18. Above the sign

  19. Sugar and spice and all things sweet!

  20. Watching over a new piece of art

  21. Get your hair did.

  22. The Mother, Maiden, and Crone know.

  23. Everything is newsworthy, even Halloween!

  24. I can hear the static calling.

Well, what are you waiting for? Put on that IC tag, grab the free Lantern from the Landing point, and get to searching!

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