• Ria Ohno

Season of the Witch

When you hear the word "witch," what comes to your mind? Pointy hat? Broomstick? Or perhaps something more sinister? Would you imagine a Japanese woman with an affinity for ballet and other forms of dance? Someone who was planning a future marriage? Someone who, not just a couple of weeks ago, confined to a wheelchair? Now moves with crutches. I doubt it.

I am a witch. A necromancer, to be precise. I will no longer hide in the shadows out of fear of judgment. I cannot hold myself to others' standards that do not know me or what I stand for.

I care for my friends and family.

I work hard to improve in life.

I take the bus to go to places.

I love hiking and reading books.

I also have a huge passion for singing.

I laugh.

I cry.

I love. Deeply.

I'm a person.

I am a witch.

I am Ria Ohno.

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